Laura Foglia


Integrated hydrologic systems
University of California, Davis


After graduating in Physics at the University of Milan, she obtained her PhD at the ETZ in Zurich with a dissertation titled: Alternative groundwater models to investigate river-aquifer interactions in an environmentally active alpine floodplain. At the moment she works for the Land Air and Water Resources Department, University of California, Davis.

Her research interests include: numerical modeling of complex, integrated hydrologic systems, including coupling distributed rainfall-runoff models with groundwater models and surface water-groundwater interactions, sensitivity analysis, parameter estimation, prediction, and uncertainty evaluation in complex environmental systems. She also deals with global change: effects of climate change and human impact on water resources, with main focus on groundwater depletion, and freshwater ecosystem conservation. 

She managed aquifer recharge and solution to water scarcity problems in arid and semi-arid countries (EU proposal funded in 2013: She investigated headwaters to groundwater investigation to examine hydrologic sensitivities of California headwaters and agricultural demand to changing climate, and consider plausible societal adaptations.