The BlueSkills project, led by the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS and labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean, was the protagonist of an important event within the European Science Open Forum in Trieste - ESOF2020. The seminar "Blue skills to feed jobs in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Region" attracted 161 on-line views in real time on the Livebit platform. The recorder session is also now available online on the Youtube channel.

The event highlighted the importance of the blue growth sectors as beacons of economic growth, social inclusion and labour market attractiveness, and thus as catalysers of job opportunities and employability. This should be particularly attractive in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, which are characterised by a dynamic geopolitical situation, with a high risk of instability, where youth unemployment is increasing and where, above all, awareness is lagging behind about the opportunities in the marine and maritime sectors. Given the mismatch between the number of graduates and the professions available represents an issue for the concerned countries, it is imperative to enhance the educational offer in these geographic areas to align the next generation of labour forces with the emerging economic opportunities.

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