The Stories

Piero in Greece

Deep Blue Stories #1 | Piero Fontolan participated in the Deep Blue mobility travelling to the Grecian isle of Lipsi to take part in an evaluation of the Katsadian bay.

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Cherif in Slovenia

Deep Blue Stories #2 | Cherif El Khalil is one of the six candidates that participated in the Deep Blue Project in 2020; he had the opportunity to spend 6 months in the Slovenian National Institute of Biology.

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Sergio in Greece

Deep Blue Stories #3 | Sergio Rejado travelled all the way to Athens to join the Mediterranean Information Office for the Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE) in very important tasks.

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Doaa in Rome

Deep Blue Stories #4 | Doaa Hussein cooperated with the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean to help fisheries in Gaza Strip-Palestine, in order to preserve quality of life adhering to sustainability principles.

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Nouh in Edinburgh

Deep Blue Stories #5 | Nouh Izem’s Deep Blue Mobility brought him to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh for an ambitious project.

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Alice in Barcelona

Deep Blue Stories #6 | Alice Affatati tackled a fascinating topic while at the Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics: underwater noise pollution.

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Soukaina in Portugal

Deep Blue Stories #7 | Soukaina Kaidi is a young researcher and PhD student in applied phycology at the University Chouaib Doukkali, Morocco. The aim of her research is to study ecology, genetic structure, and diversity of two kelp species along their southernmost distribution range edge. In addition, my study also focuses on the exploration of new aspects of valorization (Biotechnology) using both kelps. She developed a three-month traineeship with the Portuguese laboratory of the Marine Sciences Centre (CCMAR) of the University of Algarve, Portugal.

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Chahinez in France

Deep Blue Stories #8 | Chahinez Bourgueche is a young post-doctoral researcher from Algeria and developed a three-month online internship with the “Institut de Systématique Évolution Biodiversité, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle” (ISYEB) based in Paris, France working on her project “Exploring the fascinating biodiversity of marine polyopisthocotyleans from marine fishes of the southern Mediterranean Sea”

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Nikola in Spain

Deep Blue Storie #9 | Nikola Holodkov is an Italian-Serbian young professional who took part to the online traineeship within the framework of the Deep Blue Project. He applied for the mobility programme but he had to turn his project into an online activity in order to overcome the restriction of the pandemic outbreak in March 2020. He started a three-month collaboration with the Industrial Engineering department of the University of la Laguna, Spain.

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Jihene in Portugal

Deep Blue Storie #10 | Jihene Nouairi is a young Tunisian researcher of the University of Sfax interested in geosciences and marine natural mineral resources. “Seabed mining” is in fact one of the fundamental sectors of the Blue Growth Strategy of the European Commission, the long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors as a whole. But what is it? An active hydrothermal vent chimney spewing out hydrothermal fluids.  The quantity of minerals occupying the ocean floor is potentially large. Seabed mining is concerned with the retrieval of these minerals to: ensure security of supply; and fill a gap in the market where either recycling is not possible or adequate, or the burden on terrestrial mines is too great.

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Nezha in Italy

Deep Blue Storie #11 | Nezha Mejjad is a Moroccan post-doctoral researcher in the field of geosciences and specialized on blue growth current challenges. She joined the Italian Institute of Marine Sciences – CNR Ismar (Italy) for a three-month online traieeship based on a project work based on interdisciplinary research and sought to understand the economic, social, environmental, and legal implications of potential commercial deep-sea mining activities.

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Asmaa in Spain

Deep Blue Storie #12 | Asmaa Chbel is a Moroccan PhD student from the Hassan II University of Casablanca Faculty Of Sciences. She took part to the three-month online traineeship with a project at the University of Santiago de Campostela - Laboratorio de Sistemática Molecular, CIBUS based in Spain. Her project work Marine Biomolecules: A Promising Discovery For The Blue Environment focused on the study of bacteria living in the marine environment which hosts millions of microorganisms.

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Khadija in Morocco

Deep Blue Storie #13 | Khadija Ouinfi is a Tunisian a post-doctoral researcher from the University of Tunis - El Manar specialized in marine biology, biodiversity and climate change. She implemented the three-month online traineeship with the University of Mohamed V – Rabat in Morocco and developed the project work “Marine resources of economic interests in the Moroccan Mediterranean area: actual situation, technical and legislative measures to protect the collapsed stocks or threatened by overfishing”.

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Minja in Austria

Deep Blue Story #14 | Minja Marijanski is a young Serbian researcher who took part to the Advanced Master course in Sustainable Blue Growth coordinated by the University of Trieste and the Italian Research Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics – OGS. She run a three-month online traineeship in collaboration with the University of Wien (Austria) working on the project “Tyres as a source of micro-plastics in the Marine environment”.

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Khalihena in Morocco

Deep Blue Story #15 | Khalihena Groune is a Mauritanian young researcher who took part to the three-month online Deep Blue Training collaborating with the Centre of Sciences of Materials of the Mohamed V  University – Rabat (Morocco) in order to develop a project that could boost sharing knowledge, methodologies and data in marine chemical sciences. In fact, the maritime fisheries sector represents currently a major economic pole for Mauritania and Morocco, whose meal industry and fish oil are emerging activities in both countries because of their great economic value but also a deep interest for human health. 

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Esraa in Spain

Deep Blue Story #16| Esraa Abouelmaty  is a young Egyptian researcher who experienced the online three-month internship within the Deep Blue project. She collaborated with the University of Barcelona in Spain studying the “Genetic diversity of the commercial striped venus (Chamelea gallina) clam and smooth clam (Callista chione)”.  The proposed research aimed at putting a scientific data basis for the genetic variation among two commercial clams population across the Atlantic-Mediterranean area.

Wiem in Cyprus

Deep Blue Story #17| Wiem Bousella is a young researcher from Tunisia who implemented a three-month online project work with the University of Kyrenia in Cyprus. She developed her studies on Ecotourism, Biological Invasions and Biosecurity about “Fisheries diversification, best practice framework and monitoring of invasive species for the management of fishing and tourism in Kneiss Island”. 

Ghada in Italy

Deep Blue Story #18|Ghada Neji is a young researcher from Tunisia who run a three-month online traineeship with the National Council of Research – CNR Ismar, Italy. She developed a research study within the framework of Co-EVOLVE project in order to analyse  human activities and natural systems in Djerba island in Tunisia focussing on the sustainable development of tourism sector, environmental protection and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Alessia in Spain

Deep Blue Story #19 | Alessia Rossi is a young researcher and professional from Italy who joined the Deep Blue online traineeship for a three-month experience in collaboration with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (Spain). Here studies focussed on sustainable blue growth tackling “Marine litter and Blue Economy: a case study in Mediterranean touristic areas”.

Otman in France

Deep Blue Story #20 | Otman El Ouaty is a young researcher from Morocco who took part to the online traineeship programme of the Deep Blue project cooperating with the Institute of Geography and Planning of the University of Nantes (France). He specifically worked on the integrated approach to the Nador coastal lagoon management. 

Soukeina in France

Deep Blue Story #21 | Soukeina Tadoumant is a young researcher from Morocco who joined the Deep Blue onlie traineeship in collaboration with the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier (ISEM) based at the University of Montpellier. She specifically developed her project work on the climate transfer functions intended for North Western Africa. 

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