Renata Giulia Lucchi

Marine sedimentology and geology, continental margin dynamics and palaeoclimatic reconstructions in polar areas

PhD at Cardiff University of Wales (UK). Research working experiences at the Universities of Milan, Trieste and Barcelona. Since 2010 research scientist at OGS-Trieste (Italy) with expertise in marine geology and sedimentology. Main research topics: Sediment facies analyses, reconstruction of sedimentary processes using a source to sink approach on low and high latitudes continental margins. Principal Investigator and co-proponent of 15 national and international research projects including two Eurofleets2 projects (PREPARED and BURSTER). Participation to 12 oceanographic cruises for a total of over 200 days of shipboard experience. Italian member of the PAST Gateways steering committee (Palaeo-Arctic Spatial and Temporal Gateways), an IASC endorsed network research programme (2012-2018), and scientific board member of the Springer scientific journal “arktos”. Scientific achievements: 47 published manuscripts, 37 of which on Scopus, with 430 Citations and h-index=14. Teaching and tutorial activity: since 2013 lecture at the University of Trieste for 1) the course of Sedimentology (responsible of the course Dr. E. Colizza) with a seminar on Modern deep-sea sedimentary processes: Turbidites, Plumites, Contourites, and 2) the course of Marine Geology (responsible of the course Prof. A. Camerlenghi) with the seminars on Bottom sampling and sediment core description, and continental margin depositional processes. Co-advisor of 5 Doctoral, and 3 Master thesis.