Luca Mulazzani

Degree in “Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Sciences” University of Florence. PhD in “Food and Agricultural Economics and Policy” University of Bologna. Senior assistant professor from April 2019, University of Bologna. From 2004 he is focusing his research on the management and economics of natural resources and in particular on the fishery sector, including the environmental aspects associated, such as the economic valuation of the ecosystems services, and the development of coastal communities. He has applied theoretical frameworks for the valuation of fisheries systems, and empirical tools such as econometrics and Bayesian Networks. He has written more than twenty articles in academic journals, including a methodology for considering the accountability of Ecosystem Services in Blue Growth valuation. He has participated in several international projects dealing with the economics of fishery and agricultural products. Since January 2019, he is involved in the Interreg project PRIZEFISH “Piloting of eco-innovative fishery supply-chains to market added-value Adriatic fish products”.

University of Bologna