Deep Blue stories: Asmaa in Spain (remotely)

Deep Blue Story #12 | Asmaa Chbel is a Moroccan PhD student from the Hassan II University of Casablanca Faculty Of Sciences. She took part to the three-month online traineeship with a project at the University of Santiago de Campostela - Laboratorio de Sistemática Molecular, CIBUS based in Spain. 

Her project work Marine Biomolecules: A Promising Discovery For The Blue Environment focused on the study of bacteria living in the marine environment which hosts millions of microorganisms. In fact, the marine environment is characterized by hostile conditions in terms of variation of salinity, temperature, and pressure. In this oligotrophic environment, bacteria are very abundant and differ from those adapted to richer environments by some genetic and metabolic characteristics. She says about her experience:

“Despite the Covid-19 outbreak that obstructed my mobility to Spain, the Deep Blue program gave me the opportunity to take part in the online traineeship that was beneficial for me. It help to strengthen my knowledge about the blue environment and acquire new skills for my future career. We have also fostered cooperation with the host institution by developing new research projects.”

Asmaa is about to finish her PhD in Morocco and she finally published an article about marine biomolecules as a promising approach in therapy and biotechnology available at the following link:…;

We wish Asmaa the best for her future career!

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Asmaa Chbel