Deep Blue stories: Esraa in Spain (remotely)

Deep Blue Story #16| Esraa Abouelmaty  is a young Egyptian researcher who experienced the online three-month internship within the Deep Blue project. She collaborated with the University of Barcelona in Spain studying the “Genetic diversity of the commercial striped venus (Chamelea gallina) clam and smooth clam (Callista chione)”.  The proposed research aimed at putting a scientific data basis for the genetic variation among two commercial clams population across the Atlantic-Mediterranean area. She says:

“This experience has a great positive impact on my career as a researcher. It was a very great chance to get a funded training that helps me to make the full use of my capabilities as such opportunities are rare. It allowed me to collaborate with scientists with different backgrounds. Besides it gave me the chance to contribute to multinational research study at the beginning of my career”.

Esraa is now a post-doctoral researcher at the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries – NIOF based in Alexandria, Egypt and she is writing her new paper about the outcome of this research.

Thank you for your engagement Esraa! The best wishes for your future blue career!

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Esraa Abouelmaty