Deep Blue stories: Nezha in Italy (remotely)

Deep Blue Story #11 | Nezha Mejjad is a Moroccan post-doctoral researcher in the field of geosciences and specialized on blue growth current challenges. She joined the Italian Institute of Marine Sciences – CNR Ismar (Italy) for a three-month online traieeship based on a project work based on interdisciplinary research and sought to understand the economic, social, environmental, and legal implications of potential commercial deep-sea mining activities.

The first month was fully dedicated to understanding, reading, and reviewing the latest papers related to the potential risks of mining operations on the marine environment (Biodiversity and habitat) and actions taken by ISA regarding the management of mined areas. The second month was dedicated to exploiting the reviewed papers and documents. As a result, she found out that to adequately define the impact of mining activities on the marine environment and blue economy sectors such as fishing, it is mandatory to review and quantify the ecosystem services and goods of deep-sea. She says

“It was an excellent opportunity to learn and earn new knowledge related to the field of Blue Growth. Despite the imposed restrictions related to the COVID-19 and performing the research work remotely, I have succeeded beyond all defined objectives for the project  and I gained new knowledge which is completing the outdoor experiences I earned through my academic career.”

Currently, Nezha is studying her third Master course as post laureate at CIHEAM Bari &University of Bari, Italy on Open Innovation & Youth entrepreneurship In the Mediterranean Agri-food Sector (Italy). She took part to research related to COVID-19 with another DEEP Blue candidate. The publication is available at the following link:

Excellent job Nezha! And stay tuned for updates!

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