Deep Blue Storie #8 | Chahinez Bourgueche is a young post-doctoral researcher from Algeria and developed a three-month online internship with the “Institut de Systématique Évolution Biodiversité, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle” (ISYEB) based in Paris, France working on her project “Exploring the fascinating biodiversity of marine polyopisthocotyleans from marine fishes of the southern Mediterranean Sea”

Deep Blue Stories #7 | Soukaina Kaidi is a young researcher and PhD student in applied phycology at the University Chouaib Doukkali, Morocco. The aim of her research is to study ecology, genetic structure, and diversity of two kelp species along their southernmost distribution range edge. In addition, my study also focuses on the exploration of new aspects of valorization (Biotechnology) using both kelps. She developed a three-month traineeship with the Portuguese laboratory of the Marine Sciences Centre (CCMAR) of the University of Algarve, Portugal.

The UE Programme for Cooperation in Science and Technology - COST is organizing an online awareness day for the Near Neighbour Countries´ Research Communities on the next 11th March 2021. The 2-hour event is designed to explain the rationale of the COST Programme and participation options in COST Actions.

Speakers will highlight the most relevant information allowing successful participation in COST Actions’ activities.


The Global Association of Master’s in Development Practice Programs (MDP), in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), will hold the Ninth Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) on 20-21 September, 2021 virtually. If you would like to present at the conference, you must submit an abstract as directed below. The conference is also open to observers (i.e. non-presenters). Simply register on the conference website to join us. Registration will open in April 2021.

The BlueMed Initiative, launched in 2014, addresses these challenges, working on all the relevant levels,  stimulating pan-Mediterranean network-building and coordinating thematic platforms.

The Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS partecipated in this initiative promoting the engagement of youth in the Central European Initiative (CEI) and the Adriatic Ionian Initiative (AII) regions in the framework of the United Nations Agenda 2030  for Sustainable Development. 

Ministers from the 42 Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) countries have agreed to intensify their efforts towards a sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean. Doing so, they want to promote the recovery of the region’s economies from the COVID-19 crisis, and address the environmental and climate challenges.

The BlueSkills project, led by the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS and labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean, was the protagonist of an important event within the European Science Open Forum in Trieste - ESOF2020. The seminar "Blue skills to feed jobs in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Region" attracted 161 on-line views in real time on the Livebit platform.

Deep Blue Stories #6 | Alice Affatati tackled a fascinating topic: underwater noise pollution. Her Deep Blue mobility brought her to the Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics (LAB) of the UPC, in Barcelona.

Deep Blue Stories #5 | Nouh Izem’s project for the Deep Blue Mobility was an ambitious one: “to offer a good representation of hydrological and hydraulic processes through numerical modeling in order to better manage land use and provide beneficiaries and decision makers with scientific tools based on robust and precise numerical methods”.