Physical oceanography, geophisical fluid dynamics, data analysis and modelling


Expertise in the field of hydrodynamic modelling applied to the tides and storm surge forecasting in the Adriatic Sea and geophysical fluid dynamics. Research activity in the field of ecosystem modelling and environmental-economic problems. Expertise in physical oceanography, marine coastal modelling, socio-economic analysis and modelling, data management and observational network in coastal areas. Director of the Department of Oceanography of OGS from 1994 to 2004; Director of the Department of Biological Oceanography of OGS from 2005 to 2012. Co-ordinator since the EU IV Framework Programme of many EU funded projects (e.g. the EU-MAST Project “OTRANTO”, principal investigator in other EU/MAST projects like: “MERMAIDS”, “EUROMARGE”-AS, and in EU/FP projects “MATER”, “SeaSearch”, and “EDIOS”). Recent co-ordination for OGS of the DG-Mare project “ADRIPLAN” on marine spatial planning. Regularly reviewer of EU projects. Director of courses in Oceanography held at ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics) in Trieste from 1996 to 1998. From 2000 member of the Italian delegation to the IOC. Chair of the National Oceanographic Data Centre (IOC/IODE) for Italy. National representative of IODE/IOC. Contributor of the last UN World Ocean Assessment. From 2011 teaching OCEANOGRAPHY at the Department of Geoscience and Mathematics (University of Trieste).  Visiting Professorship Programme 2013 of POGO at  the Center for Marine Studies of the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil teaching Coastal observations/ Coastal zone management to the students of our courses on Oceanography (undergraduate) and Coastal and Oceanic Systems (graduate).

Membership of Professional Associations:

  • SIF (Italian Physical Society);
  • UMI (Unione Matematica Italiana);
  • Member of IEEE;
  • Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society;
  • Member of the Royal Economic society;
  • Member of the American Meteorological Society.